Cowboys Break into AP Top 25 Following Win over Kansas State

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The Cowboys debut in the AP ranking in time for an unbeaten clash with Baylor.

How can u win but drop. Ou is not getting any respect now their a member of the sec.
No Texas

It was OU’s biggest win.

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You win but drop when you play poorly vs an inferior team. It shows that you do not deserve that higher ranking. I agree with Dave H. on OSU radio broadcast last night when he said the close game with WVA is not a true indication of how good OU is going to be. They do at times start their season slowly but later on are a powerhouse and in the playoffs once again. The WVA game should not give false hope to some Cowboy fans thinking that now we might have a chance to upset them this season.

The ou fans have a sweet new nickname for rattler. They call him boo. They try and pick him up. They usaul call him boo after a bad play like a pic. They sure are nice to rattler.

Haven’t watched Fresno St. this year, but how are they ranked so highly with a loss? They’re not a blue blood. Strange.

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Their loss was to Oregon by 7. And Beat 2 "good " teams.