Cowboys Call Upcoming Bedlam Game Personal

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“We don’t like them.”

No we don’t like them

All favoritism aside, is Cunningham delivering, on a par with a guy like Zion, or Trae? He’s a #1 recruit, likely first overall draft pick, but so far is he really living up to that stratospheric billing? He may very well be, but not sure

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Moments after knocking off the No. 6 team in the country Tuesday night in Gallagher-Iba Arena, Boynton quickly pointed out to his squad that Saturday’s game against Oklahoma is “personal.“

You mean he doesn’t treat as just “Another game on the schedule”?

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I guess for me he does a lot of other little things that other dynamic players we’ve seen in college don’t really have a consistency of doing.

Maybe not the most dynamic scorer but I think a solid all around player that does most everything well. His unselfishness mostly I think is what stands out.

He doesn’t seem to get flustered when things aren’t going his way and keeps his cool in intense moments.

He’ll be twice the player in the pro’s with more talent around him.

That’s it Joe … he’s been pointing to this game since practice started. Win this one and our season is made :stuck_out_tongue::innocent::moneybag::flushed::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Maybe he is shy. By the end of season he can take over a game.

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It certainly doesn’t hurt. Glad Boynton isn’t treating bedlam just like “another game on the schedule”. Because you don’t need to label it as that if you don’t consistently lose to them.

Trae verses Cade? I prefer Cade’s approach to being a teammate and quietly going about business. Trae’s one season with OU was all about Trae. He scored 48 points against us, and we won that game in OT. OU struggled, especially late in the season…they were not a team. We beat them twice. OU with Trae Young was a 10 seed (barely made the tournament) and lost to Rhode Island first round. Good teams beat one guy.


All these Trae Young fans don’t even know that he has claimed to be from Texas in interviews, don’t even claim Oklahoma

Look at uO’s recruiting class the year after the great Trae Young took them to a first round exit in the big dance

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uO’s incoming recruiting class for 2018 after Trae Young season ranked 121 nationally and 10th in the XII the year after they made the tournament

Not to mention their only ranked player in the 2018 class Jamal Bieniemy transferred to UTEP


4 yrs after Beasley left ksu they had a losing season

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Only reason the goons were in the tournament that year was the NCAA wanted Trey in it. They didn’t deserve to be in it. We were more qualified by far to be there

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