Cowboys Climb to No. 10 in Latest College Football Playoff Ranking

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OSU is in the Top 10.

Everyone here knows UTSA is the best team in the country.

This is where I have too toot my horn. When we win by three every game you can’t raise up high enough fast enough to make up where you started. Yes it will look different two weeks from now because people will loose that are rank and maybe even us but when you start out outside the top 25 and barely beat people you will fall short in the long run. This is why I think and many others think Gundy should crack open the playbook slightly in the first three games of the season. It makes me mad!!

Let’s start making are own destiny!!

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OU is 9-0 and their best wins are against 6-3 K-State and 5-4 Texas Tech.

The new QB is garnering rave reviews all while playing the bottom six teams in the Big 12.

Look for Sooners to lose three straight and for the Pokes to face Baylor in Dallas.

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I’ve heard so much bs coming out of norman.
Their trying to talk their players up.
Improved line, because now they trust each other.
Their getting back bad d players to improve their defense.
Ou may not be around to loss to us twice.