Cowboys Climb to No. 9 in AP Poll

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OSU moves up one spot.

This is probably where we’ll be ranked at when the CFP poll comes out on Tuesday.

I think the CFP poll will reflect the same. The committee put Michigan ahead of MSU despite MSU’s win over the Wolverines. The committee might try and place Baylor ahead of us which would be ridiculous. I really don’t care about the CFP poll because we would not even be considered even if we ran the table. Let’s just beat Tech.


Agreed. Win out, win the Big 12, and let the chips fall where they may.

MSU did get blasted by Purdue though. If it was halfway close they’d probably still be ahead of UM.

Seems like the best team in Texas (UTSA) just can’t catch a break. They should be #10 on here at least.

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Have they beat anyone with a winning record this year?

UTEP is 6-4 and Western Kentucky is 6-4. So they have beaten a couple of teams with winning records.

Oh I honestly didn’t know but I figure with those teams being the best they’ve played is a big part of it

You wait and see. UTSA will prove it in their bowl game going in undefeated that they belong at least in the top 5.

UTSA isn’t that far off. You do realize we only have three wins against teams with a winning record for comparison, right?

If your really trying to compare Baylor and Kansas state to UTEP idk what to tell ya

Thats 3 wins in conference one is a top 15 team.
We have 5 overall. U can say what u was about msu they are a top 15 fcs team. And tulsa has lost to 3 top 10 fbs teams and 1 top 10 fcs team. So it’s hard to judge them.
I swear Joey the crap u say.

This is silly. UTSA is having a great season and are going to be a winner in realignment it appears. They are not anywhere near top 5. CUSA’s bowl tie ins aren’t really going to let them prove anything. Most projections have them playing BYU. A fun game that should be enjoyed on its own terms, but not proof that UTSA is top 5.

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Where are you getting that number? We haven’t beat Tech yet either. That statement isn’t adding up.

I didn’t say they are a top 5 team right now. I said they’ll prove to be one.