Cowboys Dole Out a Handful of Offers on Camp Week

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Several prospects left OSU camps with a scholarship offer.

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Hopefully the good ones on this list are 3 stars. :crossed_fingers:

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Disappointed we didnt find any new for this class.

With still 2 more years of covid left are we going to be able to get guys without kicking guys off. We only have 7 scholarship guy that have to leave.

I would like to see a good lb. There about 4 linemen were in the hunt for i would like to get 1 of them.

We will have to wait till December.

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My cousin was at the lineman camp and had a pretty good day at LG. He didn’t get an offer but Coach Dickey talked to him for quite awhile afterward and invited him to a game this Fall. He’s a 2023 OL. I assume we are waiting to see if we get any of the higher rated guys before making any more offers. That’s just my opinion though.


Same thing happened last year. The last lineman we got was after we couldnt get the others.
Hope he learned something. Make them want you lol.
Good luck for him

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