Cowboys Don 9/11 Commemorative Uniforms for Tulsa Game

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OSU has worn white-gray-white just once.

There is only one uniform that is worse than the gray one, that would the camo look. Gray is not one of the school colors, thus it makes no sense to wear a uniform that is not made up of your school colors. Throw the gray ones in the dumpster. Viewers of Fox TV are not the brightest people in this country. Seeing OSU wearing gray might confuse them.

The only grey one I liked was the one against Kansas a couple years ago. I wish they would just put the military and 911 patches on a black jersey. Grey is not the look for the Cowboys.

I just want them to wear the uniform that can actually help them move an inch on offense. They can wear that uniform every game for all I care as long as it translates to the field.

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We don’t have a qb. He’s missed several open throws and Tulsa is stacking the box daring them to throw it but we can’t. Either get a QB that can make accurate throws or if we want to run the ball and let our defense win that’s fine then line up under center where the line can come down hill and get some push, but running out of the shotgun when there’s no threat of the quarter back throwing it isn’t going to work.