Cowboys Drop Two Spots to No. 17 in AP Poll After WVU Win

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The Cowboys are the top-ranked team in the state.

Funny how the pollsters don’t consider defense a part of the gae.

The team I’ve seen the last two weeks doesn’t belong in the top 25.

Just a few years back they justified the SEC for playing smash mouth football – Defense with a little O. Keep slugging through, OSU. It will happen.

With all these conferences starting at different times and playing a different amount of games, I think they should just stop with rankings this year.


Early rankings r always like this. Look there r 3 sec teams in top 4, more then likely 1 will be there. The last one counts. Yes osu should be ranked.

Should OSU be ranked? Probably as of right now they should.

Do I think they are a top 25 team right now? Not exactly, and I understand we’ve had injuries, but even with this team at full health I don’t really know what to expect because I haven’t got to see this team play when it’s fully healthy.

Am I buying the SS hype? Not exactly. Seems like he is very injury prone, and there are no statistics that really tell me he’s better than advertised.

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It’s wait and see till another game is played.