Cowboys Finish Fourth at Big 12 Tournament, Three Cowboys Crowned

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Daton Fix, Kaden Gfeller and Dustin Plott all won individual titles.

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As I watch the moves that Surber has while being outweighed in every match, if I were him, I would get in the transfer portal so I could wrestle somewhere at 197. He is much too talented to keep being tossed around because he lacks the size of a true heavywt.
A much different outcome had we not had almost half the team with significant injuries. The way Geer has been wrestling lately, I wonder if he too has an injury? But great to see him come roaring back today. It’s a blessing that Sheets and Whittlake do not wrestle in the national tournament. Their injuries need to heal. Pretty bad season for the Cowboys so far, and only because of injuries. I don’t see a very high finish for the Cowboys at the NCAA tournament. Start fresh next season.

Never thought the day would come when I would hear John Smith say we wrestled a good tournament after a fourth place finish.

Congrats to the three Champions however.


Their were guy that should not have wrestled.
Geer still has to hope for an at large.
Why are we having a guy go up to weights.
Aj hurt. 6 guys wrestled great.

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You realize AJ has talked about going to heavyweight???

Great result for Plott but I wonder why he wasn’t attempting TDs earlier in the match. It’s as if he knew he was going to win it at the end or something but that’s risky. We had too many guys not wrestle well and probably won’t ever make a dent at the nationals.

Gotta hope some of these new guys coming in take some of those spots otherwise, pretenders to ever win another natty. How are some of these conference champions going to Northern Colorado or North Dakota State or places like that while we get kids who don’t even place??? Is that development, injuries, or kids were getting aren’t hungry enough or something else?

Yes, I am aware of that talk but no one knows how solid he is about going to 285, or how effective he would be at heavyweight. Does Surber gamble that A.J. might go up a weight class? If it’s only a maybe someday it will happen, or maybe never, then I would get out of town sooner rather than later if I was Surber. I love his headlock! Had he not been outweighed, he would have pinned that guy.

Someone needs to tell our boys that we’re cowboys not horses. They got rode out of town. I dnt even know why Smith was having them go on bottom. It wasted 2 minutes of my life a few times.

In the John Smith era there have been too many guys who were asked to go up a weight or down a weight to make the sacrifice for the sake of the team. It hasn’t always worked out. For Derek White, it turned out well.
I admired how open Gfeller was about what he has gone thru before this season. From what he said, it sounds like he might have got caught up partying too much in the recent past but he back now. John Smith did not seem to want to acknowledge that Gfeller had gone thru anything unusual. I think Gfeller is the most improved wrestler this season. Plott is going to continue to shine. Mastro has had a setback due to ankle injury but next season he will show more. He sure looks thin though. I wonder how much weight he has to drop to make weight each week?

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