Cowboys Move Up Two Spots in Week 5 AP Top 25

Originally published at: Cowboys Move Up Two Spots in Week 5 AP Top 25 | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys climbed two spots after their win in Waco.

If the season ended today and the proposed 12 team playoff was in effect:
Oklahoma State would be a 7 seed hosting Penn State in Stillwater with the winner moving on to face Ohio State.
Give me all of this!

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5 ranked XII teams in top 25

uo and texass…unranked

ku 2nd highest ranked team

End of week.

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I guess in the article when you say Kansas, TCU, and Kansas State are undefeated, you are talking about undefeated in Big 12 play? Kansas State has lost a game to Tulane.

  1. OSU
  2. TCU
  3. Kansas
  4. K State
  5. Baylor
  6. Tech
  7. Texas
  8. Iowa State
  9. OU
  10. WV

If I had to rank them currently.

Hard to argue with any of it.

I can’t see Kansas beating Baylor.


Probably, but if you rank them by what they’ve accomplished to date, seems legit.

Spence has another year of eligibility correct?

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I believe so. Next year could be insane unless he projects to pro and he leaves.

I could be wrong but I think he’ll comeback. He’s not really pro style QB and has a lot to clean up to make an NFL roster so unless he’s just tired of playing I think he’ll comeback. If he does yes like you said that could be really exciting with all those receivers still here and Dom Richardson here PLUS Ollie with a year under his belt? Dangerous

All of our lineman can come back too. Johnson is the only one thats got to go.

Im still not sure how good tcu is.
Chad was the qb. But Colorado has given up more points in all their game then tcu. I want to see dugon face a better defense. 2 week we will see. I think they will handle ku.

Ou hss problems. There were major blown plays.

Is tcu that good. A lil of both. They will be a hand full.

I think there has been a lil to much hype going around.

Some can improve. Like us we need to still improve. Next 2 weeks we have yeams that will throw it down field.


I agree with your take on TCU, I think they’re better than last year and better than people expected but I don’t think they’re a top 25 team. Yesterday was a combination of OU not being as good as people expected and TCU being a little better.

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After watching TCU play OU they kind of scare me. Could be that OU is just that bad though. I guess we will see in the coming weeks. Also Baylor may still be the second best team in the B12. They played a pretty flawless game this weekend.

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I know we have are problems i just think were better then uo. There were lost of run plays that had huge holes. I didnt think anybody thought tcu’s line is that good. There were 3 or 4 pass plays that ou didnt have a guy 5 yards from the receiver. I know 1 play we had benson on baylor’s fastest guy he was only a yatd away.

We will find out more against tech. They thro down field to.

I guess that could be true. Dillion Gabriel got hurt in that game I guess and the backup QB could only muster 50 yards passing (which is a really bad sign for them). I guess in my opinion TCU has done pretty much what they’ve needed to do to win. They’ve blown out everyone with the exception of SMU in which they led the entire game. It’s just really hard to tell who’s better at this point. I guess you could pretty much shuffle Kansas, K State, and TCU around at this point.


I think it’s a combination of their second string QB sucking and their defensive secondary blowing assignments and position very badly. They looked absolutely lost on pass defense. I went back and watched the scoring drives because I had the game recorded. There were at least three touchdown scores from TCU where the OU defense badly blew assignments. When I mean badly I’m talking not even 12-15 yards within the receiver.

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OU was already getting waxed when Gabriel went out. 34-10, I think.

Yea I don’t think OU’s QB situation was much of a factor. They weren’t doing all that great with Gabriel in there.