Cowboys Picked Fourth in Preseason Media Poll

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The Cowboys get put behind OU, ISU and UT.

Aro ought to be happy. Getting another 4th.
There a lot more nice a lot have us in 5th.

4th place sounds about right.

All depends on Sanders

No surprises here.

No surprise. We’ll probably be anywhere from 4th to 7h.

Way to pin it down. Why did u stop at 7th.

Texas and Iowa St. back to back on the road. Can we win either one of those games? If not, 4th would be the ceiling.

Cause I don’t expect Kansas, Tech, or Baylor to finish ahead of OSU (Even though Gundy seems to lose to Tech lately).

The national media has given up on Gundy. They realize most of the time when they pick his team to finish a certain place in the conference he doesn’t necessarily make it to that placement.

I think they probably got it right on the money this time. He’ll get 4th or lower more than likely.

The national media aren’t the only ones :neutral_face:

OSU is overrated more years than not.

That sure tell that preseason polls are wrong. The should look at and admired, not used to base anything off of.