Cowboys Remain at No. 22 in Coaches Poll Following Boise State Win

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The Cowboys stayed put in the Coaches Top 25.

K State number 25 in AP poll.

I bet it just burns you up that we keep finding ways to win :rofl:

Not at all. I wish we could win the conference but Gundy considers 3 loses in conference a good year.

Lol I bet :rofl:

2017 we were supposed to win the conference, 3 losses
2020 we were supposed to play for a conference championship, 3 losses

Who said we were supposed to win?

I don’t ever remember being picked to win the conference in 2017 I remember we were supposed to compete for a big 12 title which we did. I do remember a few of you just the other day saying boise was gonna blow us away, didn’t age well

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I bet not being ranked at 3-0 while 9 other football teams that are ranked in the poll just gets you all excited lol. What a joke you and Roberto are. You guys prove after every game you no nothing about sports LOL . You guys need to go be fans of Intramural sports🤦‍♂️

Count them if you can. 9 teams that have a loss are ranked in the polls LOL. Guess what if we win next week by a nail biter we still won’t be ranked. Even the voters have loss faith in this program but you guys keep up the good fight lol

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Lol how’s my taxes treating that paycheck for you every month?

And I’m still confused Jeff didn’t you say the other day that the offense wouldn’t score a touchdown against boise? :thinking:

FYI I come here for the news (since I don’t live in OK and refuse to subscribe to the Oklahoman. Occasionally read the comments or reply, but you’d do well to keep in mind most of the posters here hate the Cowboys and especially Gundy.

Ur just on here talking about u sucking. So dnt tell us about sports.

They r the most vocal. Gundy haters can’t stand winning

It’s quite comical how salty osu fans get about Gundy, and then we get OU trolls on here like they don’t have plenty to discuss on their own message boards.

No I didn’t say that.

Let’s see what you two win at the end of the season! Bahaha.

Just another tampon bowl maybe just maybe.

When we win the whole poke nation wins. Minus the 3 stooges who suck the life out of this site.