Cowboys' Road to Final Four Includes Early Matchup with Brad Underwood

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Looking at teams OSU could face in Indy.

By beating the number 2 team in the country and beating WVA twice and playing for the Big 12 tournament championship, OSU should have been seeded higher than WVA. Instead, the committee does not think that carries as much weight as 2 losses to TCU. They are essentially saying that OSU is not really that good if they lost twice to lowly TCU regardless of all that they did since then. That is just ignorant reasoning not taking into consideration how much a time can improve during the course of a season.

Who is to say Illinois can’t get upset by Georgia Tech or Loyola Chicago? Loyola Chicago is a top 25 team and Georgia Tech won the ACC tournament.

I agree Illinois is good but they’ve lost six times this season. So it’s not like they are an unbeatable team.