Cowboys Sweep Doubleheader against UNC-Wilmington

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Two wins in one day for the Pokes.

I hope joe and ar1 dnt read this. Josh was talking about cowboy culture of two seniors.
Cabe has taken off. And great to get the giant back into the line up.
Scott was great. And davis.
Girls won there too, taking the tech series.
Girls and boys have hit 10 homers this weekend so far.

I think different coaches have a different idea of Cowboy Culture.

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Sounded the same as boynton and gundy culture.
So its been a while since u thought u were a big boy.
What were u trying to say. That josh has a different cowboy culture. Are u with joe rite now. Both sacking down some funky cool aid.
So Josh has carried cabe( a senior) who strikes out by just looking at the pitcher just got over 200%.
That is something that gundy would do.

Travis how much do u real know about the baseball team. Stick with joe and ar0

Cowboy Culture in football: work hard in the classroom, stay out of trouble, “play hard for the guy next to you”-an actual Gundy quote, keep your head down and mouth shut. Treat every game equally. Prepare and practice and execute as such.

Cowboy Culture in baseball: workhard in the classroom, stay out of trouble, win Bedlam, EXPECT to win conference championships, push for deep runs at Omaha.

Cowboy Culture in wrestling: same basic stuff in the classroom and community, compete for championships, Big 12 and NCAA titles. It’s why we have t-shirts saying “The Drive for 35”. Dominate whenever possible.

Cowboy Culture in Hoops: Boynton is nearly finished with laying the foundation of his era. The expectation is to make the NCAA tourney every single season with deep runs sprinkled in depending upon depth, talent, and other teams in the league, and seeding.

Face it, @robert28 other programs use the term “Cowboy Culture” differently. Some are using it towards competing for titles, while one is using it to accept mediocrity.

I’m not arguing with u JOE.
Its like a religion with u. U belive.
But , u better make sure boynton follows up next year.

U dnt even follow two of those sports so dnt bring them into ur obsession with gundy. Have a good day JOE

Boys and Girls got sweeps. They combined for 17 homers.