Cowgirl Hoops: Oklahoma State Blows 17-Point Lead, Fall in First Round of NCAA Tournament

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The Cowgirls held a 37-20 lead at halftime.

Great season for the Cowgirls though! We’re in good hands with Jacie!

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Sucks that they blew the lead. Still a great season going from 9 to 21 wins. Hopefully Hoyt can continue to build this program and going deeper in the tournament. I think she can.

I have to say, I didn’t know if anyone could turn Cowgirl hoops into a consistent winner after Budke passed away and all of the sadness associated with that (and lightning striking twice for the Cowboys) and Littell did a nice job initially, but after his first six or seasons, he had a bunch of down years in a row and I just stopped paying attention to basketball entirely (both men’s and especially women’s). I must admit, Jacie caught my attention, but not because of basketball, but because she’s beautiful. You can call me sexist for saying that, but call me relieved to see that her coaching prowess has more than backed up her beauty and I don’t have to apologize for acknowledging that she’s an attractive woman AND she’s a good coach. Respect. There’s all kinds of excitement that wasn’t there before and it helps that she has such a positive attitude. It’s excitement that Gallagher-Iba Arena has been missing since Coach Eddie Sutton was still coaching. I’m excited to see what the future brings, but at the same time nervous that Jacie will use Oklahoma State as a springboard to something bigger and better at a school that is better-known for women’s basketball than OSU. I hope she sticks around and that they can afford to keep her when she starts making waves. If this is her first season, imagine what she can do with 2 or 3.