Cowgirl Soccer

Anyone interested in following the team this season? I’m a fan, but it’s tough keeping up with them out of state. I’m guessing PFB isn’t looking to hire a beat writer this season (the videos were great though.) Until then if anyone has a player or season preview I hope you take the time to post it.

The O’Colly writes quite a bit on smaller sports. You’ll see them recording video too. Checkout the O’Colly online as well as Stillwater Newspress.

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We will be covering soccer on and off this year. If anybody at OSU wants to cover it for us, we have no budget room right now but it would be a cool way to get some experience.

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Really good suggestions- thanks!

+1 on soccer coverage. The Cowgirls play some legit games this year. At Penn State is YUGE! I’m jacked already.

Adrianna Franch, former OSU keeper, had a clean sheet in yesterday’s USWNT game against Portugal.

Yeah, I would love coverage. Didn’t realize they were on tv yesterday and since the World Cup, my daughter loves soccer

Ugh. Cowgirls playing on the pac12 network! Unbelievable, Anyone know if the cowgirls will stream a radio coverage of the game?

Doesn’t look like it’s being streamed on I think the best we get is someone live tweeting.