Cox: My Favorite Play from Each Season in the Mike Gundy Era

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Reliving my favorite moments from the last 15 years.

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My favorite play was Chris Carson double truck stick. I think it was against Texas.

Not sure if it would go under 2014 or 2015, but James Castleman’s catch on 3rd and 2 in the 4th quarter of the Cactus Bowl always has a special place in my heart.


This is the content I am here for. And the comments where other great plays will be brought up like @hayes and @jarrod above. For me, the Pettigrew catch will always be up there. The first time I was able to be in BPS was a time when it was empty. We were standing on the east end zone walkway by GIA. My sunglasses slipped off my head and fell on the turf while I was looking down. I had to work my way down to the field, and to the embarrassment of my kids, I proceeded to impersonate the Pettigrew catch and dive as I made my way to the literal east end to pick up the shades (OK, my dive was a lame fake dive…). Overall, great list. Tyreek’s return has to be there, as well as Tylan’s beast catch/run. I’d like to add Castleman’s run as well, but you can’t boot the Tyreek return.

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After watching Weedens first TD to Blackmon why was he ever removed from being a starter for the rest of the season?

Because Robinson was excellent and experienced and the team offense was designed around him at QB. In hindsight, we’d all have liked to see Weeden throw against Oregon in the Holiday Bowl instead of watching Robinson try to actually lift his arm (slight exaggeration of course).

From 2011 my favorite play was Tracy Moore’s catch and run in the first quarter of Bedlam. I think it set up our first TD. What I remember about that catch was the crowd noise. I don’t think I have ever heard BPS so loud at any one point. And it was a nice catch too!

No in 2009 we played ole miss and got killed bc Gundy decided to play Robinson that had a bummed shoulder and in today’s game would have still been in conclusion protocol. I was a Robinson fanatic but after watching a half of Weeden I wondered why play an epic injured player vs a capable backup that later became the greatest QB in OSU history

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That’s what I get for trying to reply off the top of my head. :slight_smile:

Believe it may have been TCU in 16! Great play!

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Zac was one of my favorite OSU players ever (I still have the SI season preview issue with him on the cover), but him playing in that bowl game was irresponsible on the coaching staff’s part, both from a player health and competitiveness standpoint.

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This is the best content you’ve done. I could watch these all day long. You could do top 15 plays just from Bedlam or just 2011 bedlam alone. Best bowl plays (Barry Hannah vs SC or James Castleman).

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