Cox's Notebook: Cowboys Top Bears in Waco

Originally published at: Cox's Notebook: Cowboys Top Bears in Waco | Pistols Firing

Unloading the notebook after a big OSU win.

I’d like to see a lot more deep balls from SS as the season goes on since we have so many receivers capable of making spectacular catches. Really impressed with the potential of Bryson Greene. A great group of receivers.
Mason Cobb looking like he’s turned into a special player. He’s channeling the spirit of Rodriquez.
At this point, team looking better than expected.
Plz don’t lose to Kansas!
Dom Richardson looking better each game. Ollie is coming around. If Nixon breaks free, he is gone. O-line is impressing.
Now that this big game is done with, the team should go forth with greater confidence. Have to mention the great punting by Hutton. Minimal penalties was also nice to see. Looking like a cohesive team which is going to just get stronger for the slug fest that this conference has become this season. Having a strong D-line and a strong O-line is really encouraging. Just stay free of injury and we have a good chance of ending up on top.


All good points, especially going deep. Sanders can throw it and we dudes to catch it.

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