Cut the hair!

At this point, it seems the ever-defiant Gundy is NOT cutting the hair for Trumpish narcissistic reasons – the goofy mullet is a “talking point” for every telecast.

It’s time. Yeah, yeah…it was funny at first and a novelty for awhile, but now it’s embarrassing.

Cut the hair!

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Trumpish narcissistic reasons? Can’t the guy just have a mullet because he thinks it’s cool?..


At this point I think he is the mullet and possibly always was. The guy farms in his spare time, goes rattlesnake hunting, etc. If he weren’t a high profile person, nobody would question that this man with this lifestyle has a mullet.

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And this will change what?

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Our red zone play calling. I mean it probably won’t, but that would have to be the hope to make the post.

Might not change a thing on the field, but it would give the commentators an opportunity to talk about our players rather than the “Arkansas Waterfall.”

I mean it gets mentioned a few times in a game. But it’s not like they don’t have four hours to comment on players… and most media outlets, especially local, don’t even bring it up.


It is dumb, isn’t it?

“BuT tHaT’s A pArT oF gUnDy’S aCt!”

I got you!


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