Cutter Sheets Commits to Wrestle at Oklahoma State

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OSU adds another commit.

Interesting how much Cutter looks like his brother Wyatt. Is the name cutter some kind of term used when rounding up cattle? It does have a solid Okie feeling to it. It would be nice if Cutter this coming season could win a state championship and then win Fargo or some other national tournament. I would then be impressed with his pedigree. We need more guys at the level of Daton Fix and A.J. Anything less than that level of talent is not going to win the NCAA tournament. Just ask Penn State. Football program heading downhill, basketball program heading up, wrestling staying the same. Wrestling program needs to make a quantum leap some time soon. We are almost tied with Tommy Chesbro’s record for the most seasons in a row without winning the NCAA tournament. I think he won his only tournament in 1971 when he still had the team that Myron Roderick had coached and then he went 17 years in a row without a national championship. Mainly because of Dan Gable coaching. And now it’s because of Cale Sanderson. The insane twin coaches at Iowa don’t concern me. But Sanderson is at the level of Gable as a coach and recruiter and that does concern me.

A kid get a third doesn’t bring alot of hope. Wyatt was his dad and had injuries but still had state titles.
Wyatt when not injured did get us points.
We need goes like fix and aj. But, iowa won with point getters. We need 10 all Americans