Daily Bullets (Apr. 1): Diving into Steven Lutz, Speculating on Hold Ups

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PFB is partnering with Pokes With A Purpose for its season ticket raffle, where fans can win season tickets, autographed items and more. For more information on the raffle and how to enter, click here. Be sure to enter by April 28. Scores Baseball: West Virginia 15, OSU 10 OSU Bullets • Appreciated this deep dive on (what appears to be) lead candidate Steve Lutz (Feels Like 45 Podcast) • Pistols Firing is partnering with Pokes With a Purpose for their raffle coming up on 4/28 – don’t forget to enter (PFB) • As we await news on the OSU coaching search, Bill Haisten honed in on two details that could be impacting negotiations: It is believed that Oklahoma State will go as high as $3 million as the initial compensation for a new coach. Even if it’s $2.5 million or $2.2 million, it’s a heck of a lot more than the $750,000 (Steve) Lutz is collecting in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Money is important, but isn’t the opportunity also important? Isn’t a Big 12 opportunity really important? Is there a squabble over contract length? If Lutz or any candidate asks for more than five years on a first contract, I would erase them from…

The longer this is held up the more foolish the whole program looks.

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I think that point has already been crossed

You’re right. We look DUMB.

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