Daily Bullets (Apr. 14): Boynton Fills His Class, Berry T. Coins "Mike Exotic"

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! And now that Mike Boynton’s last spot is filled… Hey, you can be tested at a drive-up clinic at any of these locations in Oklahoma. Bullets Rundown • A new kind of commitment as Boynton fills his class • Berry T. on Mike Exotic • Is Greg Brown a possibility? OSU Bullets • With the Pokes filling their last scholarship spot for the 2020 class, they’ve climbed to ninth in the country – and first in the Big 12. And the recruit that put them there had his heart set on something else very recently. “I silently committed to Kansas State like four or five days ago just because I felt like that was a place where I would be closer to home, I have a close relationship with some of the players already,” (Donovan) Williams told PFB. “I was thinking that was the best place for me to be. I was more thinking of it like, ‘Man, let’s go have fun. This will be in Manhattan, it’ll be closer, it’ll be more fun, I have friends out there.’…

Great job Berry T.

A Big XII I would like to see:
North: Arkansas, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska
South: Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech

Tramel’s criticism was “fair”? I suppose if you’re a Gundy-hater already, yeah - it was very balanced…