Daily Bullets (Apr. 2): Boynton Draws a Blueblood

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Perfectly Roasted in Historic Guthrie. Two Bags Ship Free. Order Now! Southwell nailed the month of March with this tweet: March 1 vs. March 31 pic.twitter.com/kPJZT9N78H — Southwell (@JustinSouthwell) April 1, 2020 Bullets Rundown • OSU gets Lousiville this winter • Boynton on why he loves sports • OSU’s Big 12 title odds OSU Bullets • Yesterday it was announced that Mike Boynton’s squad will take on a basketball blueblood in non-conference play, the Louisville Cardinals – a premium matchup. So that means if (Jay) Scrubb doesn’t turn pro, a showdown between the No. 1 high school player (Cade Cunningham) and the No. 1 junior college player (Scrubb) could really be on the table in this one. (Translated: ESPN won’t have a hard time selling this matchup!) [PFB] Seeing the appeal of this matchup reopens a wound – one inflicted by the leadership of the Big 12 when they refused to add the Cardinals. Why they couldn’t move to 11 and add both West Virginia and Louisville is beyond me – the Big Ten did it with Penn State and was just fine. I get that they just had a…

The offense doesn’t seem better than 2017. I’m guessing 3rd.