Daily Bullets (Apr. 4): Intro Press Conference for Steve Lutz Today, Kendal Daniels Moving Around on Defense?

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PFB is partnering with Pokes With A Purpose for its season ticket raffle, where fans can win season tickets, autographed items and more. For more information on the raffle and how to enter, click here. Be sure to enter by April 28. Scores Softball: Cowgirls 2, UNT 1 OSU Bullets • Today will be Steve Lutz’s intro press conference at 3:30pm CST – here’s where you can watch it (YouTube) • More than a handful of Cowboy Wrestlers are working on Olympic eligibility (PFB) • This nugget from spring practice would lead you to believe a big defensive transition (involving Kendal Daniels) could be underway: If (Trey Rucker) can get healthy and fully lockdown the safety job, it could be a big year for him because it sounds like Kendal Daniels is going to be playing more down and closer to the line this season. [GoPokes 247] • Cowgirl Basketball landed a Big East transfer (OKState.com) • Just wild to see an Oklahoma State player at the top of lists like this: Projecting the Top 15 Runningbacks in College Football Next Season :football: pic.twitter.com/ajX9UhGEPc— College Football Report (@CFBRep) April 3, 2024 Non-OSU Bullets • Smart words from smart people • Why Millennials are quitting…

How does one school have 2 of the top 4 RBs? The rich get richer

I think the big takeaway here is theB12 has 5 of the top 15 RBs and no sooner or longhorn in sight!

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Look on the bright side, they will both share carries and thus probably not in contention for post season awards.


Michigan had that problem with their backs last year.