Daily Bullets (Aug. 7): Dunn's Hopeful For a Season, A Defense Loaded with Depth

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Mike Gundy doesn’t want a Big 12 championship caliber team. He actually gets scared when he knows there is too much talent on his team. He’ll handicap the talent during the season for either a 6-4 or 7-3 finish and then continue to blame it on player “execution” while raking in 5 mil a year for the next few years and laughing his way to the bank and eventually retirement.

I really thought the goal when this format was switched, was to help do away with the trolls…


You’d probably have to put the comment section behind a paywall to accomplish that.

It’s not trolling when it’s the truth. Joe got one thing wrong, he’s not scared he’s stupid because he learned it from Pat Jones. Just like he’s not racist, he’s an A- hole.

I wonder if site traffic is down on this site due to political bias of this site or through the roof?

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Nothing I stated is untrue

Now THAT is some well thought out, logical, level-headed thinking!


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Not even close to being true … so you hate Gundy, big deal. I’ve been critical of him myself but not to this extent. Gundy has won lots of games, games I thought we had no chance in

I don’t hate Gundy. I just think his time at OSU should be over. Most people are now getting younger coaches that can develop new strategies, plans, and adjustments while Gundy stays stuck in his Pat Jones ways. OSU needs a change.

Not saying you’re wrong, but we need to be careful of who you get. We don’t want someone just wanting a stepping stone to a better job. We are 129-64 under Gundy, a lot of teams would like to have that record over the last few years. I agree Gundy has spit the bit against the goons a couple of times that we had the better team. I think he will retire in 4 years, hopefully we have a good replacement by then

PJ Fleck is who they should go after. Went undefeated at Western Michigan his last season and went 11-2 at Minnesota last season. He’s a coach that can get his player’s motivated as well.

Where does everyone keep coming up with (he’ll retire in 4 years)? So he’ll be there for Gunnar but not for Gage?
Another thing, everyone worries about this being a stepping stone job, where else can you make 5 million a year for averaging 4th in the conference besides Okstate and Michigan?

I don’t know anymore than the next person. Just my opinion that after 20 years hardly anyone stays that long. Our pay is equal to anyone not named Bama, Clemson, Georgia, the goons, ND etc… at some point we need a fresh face. Hopefully one that is a recruiting machine and can coach

Under Gundy I feel like we always have a chance but in big games I always feel like a underdog looking for a couple fumbles to go our way to win. It’s been a good ride with him but I do think time has passed him by. He hand cuffs our team with really good freshman that can contribute but doesn’t think their body’s are mature enough for D-1. We have missed out on seeing freshman make a name for them selves for sure. You watch this Brennan Presley on how they play him just on kick offs and nothing else. This kid could be a Swiss Army knife along side the rest of the crew. That’s what holds Gundy back and being pat jones 2.0. All that said i thank him for some good years.