Daily Bullets (Dec. 30): Why Chuba Should Stay (Per Mike Gundy)

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Grayson Boomer transferring to Tulsa makes perfect sense (and yet is a massive head-scratcher) Bullets Rundown • Gundy hiring takes • Why Chuba should stay (per Mike G.) • Knowles embracing change Scores • MBB: Pokes 82, SELU 31 OSU Bullets • As coaching rumors swirl around the country, Mike Gundy’s methods are worth chewing on. Both (Kasey) Dunn and offensive line coach Josh Henson wanted the job. Henson had been an offensive coordinator, calling plays for three seasons at Missouri, and Dunn sought the opportunity to call plays after coaching receivers in the Cowboy offense for the better part of a decade. But Gundy did what he often does, hiring from outside the program. Soon after, I wrote that Gundy had taken a risk, and it had nothing to do with Sean Gleeson’s youth or his lack of major-college coaching experience or his limited time as an offensive coordinator. It had everything to do with the message Gleeson’s hiring sent to Dunn and Henson. [NewsOK] I can’t get over this paradox – Gundy values continuity within his system and only working with people so much that he refuses to promote offensive position coaches and only now only hires young…

So, honest question here, is your worldview that someone does owe you something? Other than what you agree to in advance obviously since that is not what the letter about avoiding entitlement is about. Do you think the world, or society, or someone specifically inherently owes you anything, just because?