Daily Bullets (Dec. 6): Cowboy Football Living Large in the 2010s, Cowboy Football's Must Sign (Probably)

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If you’re a business, you’ll want to get in on marketing to 1.3 million Cowboy fans. Bullets Rundown • Life was good in the 2010s • Must sign for Cowboy Football • Boomer goner OSU Bullets • Something that has made being an Oklahoma State football fan so much fun is being on the field deciding conference championships on the last weekend of the season. /Whispers OSU was a bad Blackmon leg from playing for as many Big 12 titles in the 2010s (five) as OU. When we talk about expectations at Oklahoma State, getting to the Big 12 title game should be a great season in terms of expectations. Gundy did it 40 percent of the time the last decade. [PFB] This makes for a lot of fun but it also makes it hard to be content with seasons like this one. Winning eight games isn’t a failure (at a school like Oklahoma State) but it doesn’t get your heart pumping either. • As Cowboy Football wraps up its 2020 recruiting class, there’s one (potentially) glaring need they have to fill. The answer here could change over the next six weeks, but it would appear to be running back…

Some major problems if you’re running off guys like Boomer.

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@ar1 I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to the story than that. There always is.

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You never know with young kids what’s the deal there, is it 100% football, school, social atmosphere, etc? I would have to guess it’s mostly if not all football. I grew up a huge zerOU fan and did my first semester there and absolutely hated the whole atmosphere. For him, he grew up a huge oSu fan, right?

I can’t see how anyone would dislike the social atmosphere, which for a college kid is important, as just about everyone in Stilly is approachable and friendly. I think it has to be watching how many times the Cowboy Backs were thrown to this season…

Does it ever make y’all wonder why a young recruit has to be taking football serious and all in 100% to get any playing time but the coaches need as much family time as coaching?

Are you advocating players spend more time on the strip or coaches have a worse home life?

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I’m suggesting that attitude is a reflection of leadership

So worse home life and absentee parenting it is.

I think providing the example of someone who attempts to be both successful at work (he is no matter what you think) and a good spouse and parent is being a good leader, thus making him more successful at work.

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Family is so important to him that he will never miss a game of his boys. Funny how he seems to have trouble getting younger brothers of his players to want to come. Maybe the players don’t see the same thing as he’s putting out there?

He’s choosing to leave. How is that “running him off”?

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He doesn’t enjoy the game of football anymore. How is that coaching?

That’s my point. How is that coaching? Maybe it’s on him…

Boomer leaving is a good reminder that you must recruit to replace. Too often oSu skips positions in recruiting cycles because they fail to get targeted recruits. QB, LB, OL are a few examples where oSu has had to scramble to provide depth. Dru Brown is a perfect example. He filled a role that was needed, but the need was created by not signing QBs for a couple of years and the one they were developing left. The downside is oSu spent 2 years developing Brown to play 2-3 games at tje expense of using that scholarship to develop depth at QB. Moving forward oSu has 1 QB with experience. Do they take the risk of only signing 1 QB or spend another roster spot on a transfer player as an insurance policy like Dru Brown. If SS misses time next the only experience behind him is Costello and a who ever signs this year.

Now imagine if SS decides enters the portal. Now where is oSu? A team with too many CWBs they aren’t going to throw the ball and bare bones depth at QB. At least that number of CWB on the roster is down from a couple of years ago.

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Not necessarilly. As I posted in the story about him actually entering the portal, I think he sees that the Cowboy back is nothing more than a glorified FB that gets 1-2 touches per game max. I think he believed the hype about how the Cowboy Back was going to be used, but then watched Jelani Woods get 15 catches for 100 yards this season. Not exactly big TE usage. And unless you think OSU is going to get back to 80 plays per game (vs. the less than 60 they averaged over the last 5 games), its not likely to change.

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Agree with everything you said except the part about not getting back to 80 plays per game. That was because we had Chuba. If he leaves, and I don’t think we have much chance he’ll stay, the offense has to go back to pass oriented first unless one of the unproven RBs shows similar skills right out the chute. It’ll get back to that most likely but will Cowboy Backs see more action? I have my doubts and that’s a problem right there.

Why even have the position if that’s the case, just go to 4 wideouts all the time unless it’s a very short yardage situation and you need that extra blocker? Just don’t bunch up the line and make it obvious it’s going to be right up the gut!