Daily Bullets (Feb. 19): Why Eddie May Have a Better Shot This Year, Chuba's the Best

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What’s your take – would a one-time, immediately-eligible transfer be a win for the Pokes? Bullets Rundown • Why (maybe) Eddie has a better shot this year • Tough times in Morgantown • Chuba’s the best Scores • MBB: West Virginia 65, Cowboys 47 • BB: Cowboys 2, Arizona State 1 OSU Bullets • I like this comment by Bill Haisten as to why Eddie might be voted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame his seventh time as a finalist: Who knows? Naismith voters are appointed for three-year terms. Maybe there are new voters who recognize that the six-time Sutton snub is a travesty. Maybe new voters would do the right thing and send Sutton to Springfield, Massachusetts, for the enshrinement weekend in late August. [TulsaWorld] Maybe? Who knows at this point. • That was a tough second half in Morgantown last night – not for the faint of heart or those weak in the stomach. I didn’t think it was possible that there was a stat uglier than the 1-for-20 OSU went from 3 in its first meeting against West Virginia, but the Cowboys found a way. In the second half, OSU went 5-for-30 on field-goal attempts. OSU…

I’d be more interested in getting the scholarship credit back for a player that transfers out than immediately eligible players coming in .

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