Daily Bullets (Feb. 25): Road to the NIT, Corndog's XFL Experience So Far

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You have to have nights like last night to make the backflip at midcourt special. Bullets Rundown • Road to the NIT • Mrs. Boynton is the real MVP • Corndog’s XFL experience Scores • MBB: Kansas 83, Pokes 58 OSU Bullets • After a shellacking at the Phog last night, what’s between the Pokes and getting into the NIT? At home against Iowa State on Saturday. A win here is absolutely critical. The same goes for the following home game against Kansas State. The swing game might be that season finale with Texas in Austin two Saturdays from now. Texas will likely be desperate for the win. So will the Cowboys. [HCS] I think you have to win all three or you’ll have to shock someone in Kansas City (upsetting a number one or two seed). • Fun story about the First Lady of Cowboy Basketball and her active role in the program • So how’s the XFL going for Cowboy alum Taylor Cornelius? Spoiler: not great. Cornelius has thus far been the most productive of Tampa Bay’s three quarterbacks. Opening day starter Aaron Murray completed 16 of 34 for 231 yards and an interception. Murray has a foot…

On Westbrook changing, it becomes a question of how much of that was pure stubbornness and how much was finally having enough shooters around him to open the lanes enough to do what he’s doing now. I lean more towards the first, but probably a mixture of the two.

So how’s the XFL going for Cowboy alum Taylor Cornelius? Spoiler: not great. — Are you sure you’re watching the games? Two of his picks came at desperation time, at the end of games when no one was open and he just more of less threw it up hoping for a miracle. He’s been playing pretty well IMO, esp the way Tampa shuffles their QBs.

Murray needs to go ahead and retire, he was TURRIBLE in that first game. He short-armed passes most of the time and his arm strength has left the building. Definitely should be QB3 cause Flowers most definitely looks better than him. This league shouldn’t be about guys like him anyway, his chances were already slim to none he’d get a backup gig (in the NFL).

Anyway, Corndog has at times looked fantastic. It’d be great if they’d shuffle every half or every quarter not the way they do it now. Hard for both guys to get a feel of the game.