Daily Bullets (Jan. 11): Most Viewed of the Week, Chuba Chatter

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High traffic day in Stillwater. In: Tim Rattay (QBs coach), Rodarius (staying), Out: McKaufman, Marcus Watson. Chuba: still deciding. Bullets Rundown • Chuba’s back… right? • Rhule is one – what that means to OSU • Candidates for the OC job OSU Bullets • Most Viewed of the Week (No. 1): Chuba Is Returning, Right? The social media post that inspired this post was whatever the opposite of damning evidence is – positively convicting? – that Chuba is at minimum torn and at maximum toying with us for as long as possible. There are two competing clocks in play here: the longer this decision goes, the further he gets from the public displays of emotions by his friends reaching out to him. But the longer this goes, the more it seems like he could be talking himself into staying and that’s causing the conflict. • Most Viewed of the Week (No. 2): Matt Rhule is Gone – What Does That Mean to OSU? The first change is that it likely clears Baylor from that top-tier. A league-leading defense with a veteran quarterback was all they needed to get to Arlington. This move will push a guy or two to the…

The decline in college football attendance is for the same reasons as the decline in other public events (sports, movies, etc)

  1. Cost of attending (tickets, parking, concessions, etc.) is becoming too much for a lot people.
  2. Advances in home entertainment has made the home viewing experience a lot more desirable
  3. People just don’t want deal with strangers anymore.