Daily Bullets (Jan. 14): Optimism and Pessimism For 2020 Cowboy Football, Rating Dunn Hire

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Today, we all have to explain to our co-workers what a “Chuba” is and how he made our 2020 already. I recommend just wearing your orange maple leaf shirt in on a casual Friday and take it from there. Bullets Rundown • Optimism vs. pessimism about 2020 Cowboy Football • Cowboy Football for the next decade • Good move/bad move on Kasey Dunn promotion OSU Bullets • Let’s enjoy pondering for the next seven months what this could mean. With (Chuba) Hubbard, (Tylan) Wallace and starting quarterback Spencer Sanders back, along with a defense that is expected to return 10 starters, Oklahoma State can dare to dream big about what 2020 holds. [CBS Sports] Let me establish guide rails to stay between – if you find yourself saying things like this you’ve had too much kool-aid. But if you find yourself not believing an eight-win team can’t improve with another year of experience, you need to borrow some kool-aid from the first guy. • This projection of Cowboy Football in the 2020s was a fair one and one of those two trips to Arlington could be coming sooner than later. Current status: Solid but tenuous. The Cowboys won the 2011…

Interesting, in the next 10 years two trips to the conference title game and no wins. Maybe they are talking about Gundy going to the conference championship the same way he has made it to the national championship, just to comment.

Didn’t know Sean Gleason brought one of the most modern run schemes to Stilly last year.

Bringing in Rattay to coach QBs likely tells you what Dunn lacks and what has kept him from being the OC - ability to coach QBs, which seems to be the what Gundy wants from his OCs.

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I think it has as much to do with play calling experience. When if ever was the last time Gundy hired an OC with zero previous play calling?

Random idea: Any chance we can take a vote and get ar1 banned from here? Just a thought…

Just mute him.

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You guys are right! Gundy is the greatest coach to ever walk this Earth, no other coach could have won a single game at Stillwater. Plus no other coach would even want to coach at Stillwater. Let me be the first to say what a privilege it was too see him on national TV showing how much smarter he was than all other coaches including the ones on the field.

It’s unfortunate there are only two possible positions to hold about Gundy. Some sort of middle ground would be useful, alas.

Gundy is the greatest is the only ground unless you want flagged for removal.