Daily Bullets (Jan. 19): OSU 'In the Race' for the Big 12 in 2020

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It would have been the most Oklahoma State thing ever to lose the first four Big 12 games and beat the No. 2 team in the country. Alas. Bullets Rundown • OSU wants a ticket record • Gundy says OSU is in the Big 12 race • Hoops narrowly falls to Baylor Scores • MBB: Baylor 75 | OSU 68 • Wrestling: OSU 30 | Pitt 10 OSU Bullets • OSU is trying to sell 51K tickets, and it’s also moving the band from the west end zone to the northwest corner of the stadium. Lots going on! • Gundy says OSU is in the race. “What we’ve done, we’ve solidified and we’ve qualified,” Gundy told The Oklahoman. “We’ve got a spot in the Kentucky Derby. We’re in Gate No. 4. We’ve got a lot of training in order to do it. We’re going to be in the race. Now we’ve got to take care of our business over the next nine months, and that’s really what it’s about.” [NewsOK] Put it in my veins. :syringe: • New OSU QBs coach Tim Rattay compared to James Bond (?), but one of his former QBs also sings his praises as a…

Winning obviously doesn’t do anything for recruiting but winning against OU and winning the conference would sell tickets.
As far as “in the race”. I think if you are going to compete for the conference title, it takes an accurate QB.