Daily Bullets (Jan. 20): West End Zone Opens Up, What (May Have) Convinced Chuba to Stay

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Happy Monday – Pokes have a good shot to get a W tomorrow in Ames. Bullets Rundown • West end zone opens up • What the Chuba pitch was • New spot for Dziagwa Scores • WBB: Iowa State 64, Cowgirls 63 OSU Bullets • Brilliant move here by OSU athletics – they’re moving the band in the football stadium. Since 2009, when the Boone Pickens Stadium renovation was completed, the OSU marching band has been positioned in a section immediately beyond the west end zone. Not anymore. Starting this year, the band will be located at the northwest corner of the stadium – in the heart of the student section. It’s a smart play. The result should be a doubling of the energy and noise emanating from that corner of the stadium. [TulsaWorld] I wonder if the end zone seats sell easier than the ones in the corner – that has to be the underlying assumption, right? The idea of consistent noise from that corner is great if you can sell tickets for the end zone. • Mike Gundy talked about how he convinced Chuba Hubbard to stay – he got ahead of it with his pitch. “We got…

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I wonder what Chuba’s draft grade was? In my limited opinion the two things that hurts his draft stock are 1. Loaded competition (been documented on this site) and 2. Struggles with pass protection. I know they talked about missed blocks a lot in the Tape doesn’t lie podcast. And with the modern NFL game you need a back who can help in that aspect.

I think if he gets around 1500 yards rushing and good at pass blocking he would raise is draft stock.

Please correct me if any of these are incorrect conclusions.

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I believe the section in the west endzone where the band used to be will just be more student seating. That way we won’t have less student seating than in the past. So they won’t have to “sell” tickets for a specific section. It’s all student seating, which is general admission.

Also, Chuba’s draft stock can get higher than it currently is if he improves in pass protection, shows more versatility in the passing game as a receiver, and shows more strength with his ability to break tackles and get the tough yards. He also needs to be better about hanging on to the ball. Putting it on the ground twice on national tv against ou will hurt your draft stock.

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Dziagwa takes too many off-balance and ill advised shots period! If he had better shot selection, much like Russell Westbrook, his shooting percentage would go up quite a bit esp non 3-pt shots. How can a dude have better percentage on 3s than 2s? Another option, just tell him he can’t shoot unless it’s a 3-pointer, LOL.

39.1 vs 41.3 (3-pt)?