Daily Bullets (Jan. 22): Bad Shooting vs. Bad Defense in Ames, Chuba Says to Believe

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I’m fascinated by this article looking at the link between revenue, recruiting, and championships – don’t tell Chuba. Bullets Rundown • Bad shooting vs. bad defense in Ames • Two very different 15 year stretches in Cowboy Basketball • Pokes low in a preseason top-25 Scores • MBB: Iowa State 89, Pokes 82 OSU Bullets • The good news? OSU put 82 points up on the easiest team to score on in the league. The bad news? It was too inefficient and they lost the game as a result. Coming into this game ISU ranked last in the league in field-goal percentage allowed (44.4 percent) as a defense and Oklahoma State came in ranked last in field-goal percentage (40.5 percent) as an offense. Something had to give, right? Nope, they just split the difference. OSU went 26-69 from the field (42 percent), and that was with the Cowboys making nine of their last 14 over the last four-plus minutes and six of nine in the last two. [PFB]   • Isn’t this a crazy trend? In the 15 yrs Gundy's been Head Coach, OSU Hoops has won 1 NCAA Tourney gm. In the 16 yrs prior, they won 23. Hoops…

Why is Gundy being compared and not Holder? The root of the problem is that OSU has the worst AD. Holder took over in 2005 and that’s when the basketball program went to crap. We gave the head coaching job to a coach that SFA didn’t want as their head coach. And now we have to sit through at least 2 more years of this because OSU can’t afford to not bring in the Cunningham kid.

Mike Holder IMO is the best AD in the history of oSu and it isn’t even close.

Holder being blamed for problems in the basketball program makes me chuckle. oSu fans can love and respect the Suttons and still recognize their drug and alcohol difficulties put oSu basketball where it is currently. All the momentum of Eddie’s legendary run was killed by the time Travis Ford signed his 10 year contract. Ford was given that contract IMO due to the sad state of the basketball program and Holder not wanting it to drop further. Minimal outrage when it happened, but hindsight has been a different story.


I hated to, but I clicked the little heart. I absolutely DO NOT “love” the comment…but it’s right on!

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Isn’t the bonehead holding the stool the one they had all the recruiting issues or whatever with? “He’s definitely worth all the trouble,” he says sarcastically…

I 2nd your motion regarding Holder. For anyone to suggest he is anything LESS than the best AD OSU has ever had is ludicrous.
Holder checks ALL the boxes. Boynton? The last 12-14 games of this season will tell fans alot about Boynton the Coach. However, given 2020-21 is the 1st year Boynton competed with HIS recruits…I am reserving my opinions till then.

Holders 10 year contract that he gave Ford is what crippled this program. Ford would have been fired years earlier if his buyout wasn’t so high. He underachieved every year he was here. The coach he hired to replace him left after one year because he wanted nothing to do with holder. Then he hires Boynton whose had nothing but issues with his own players he’s brought in and is on verge of having one of the worst conference seasons ever for this program. The only reason Boynton is going keep his job after this year is because he hired Cunningham’s brother.

Indeed, Holder made a bad judgment call on Travis Ford. At the time it was put in place alot of folks were applauding Holder for getting out in front on possible up & coming Coach. The decision turned out to be a ‘crippling’ one. That said there is not a SINGLE AD in the profession that has not made a bad judgement call here or there.
Underwood? Does anyone really know who was the problem. Was Holder asleep at the wheel OR was Underwood expecting too much too early? I dont know myself.
I do know the proper time to fairly evaluate Boynton as a Coach is 2020-21 …

Holder convincing T Boone to give goes a long way.

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