Daily Bullets (Jan. 24): DC Update, Spencer Sanders is the Best Pro Prospect

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“grown comfortable in coach Mike Gundy’s Air Raid system”… Whaaaat? Did this person not see any game this year BESIDES the Notre Dame game? We looked like a B1G team this year until the Fiesta Bowl.

Thats to bad about the kid dieing.

RIP Nate Rogalski

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I am a believer in Sanders. Tons of talent and undeveloped talent. Big arm, mobile, elusive, and quick release. If the offensive line was better I think his turnovers would be less. I think he could be a nice backup or better in the NFL with better Coaching. I’d hate for him to have a RG3 type season next season being a spread or pro then drafted to run pro style offense then sink. I think RG3 would have been better if the Offense was built around him.

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