Daily Bullets (Jan. 7): OSU Offense MIA, More OC Chatter

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Dizzy-truthers have their best ammo yet with last night’s 1-for-20 line from deep. Bullets Rundown • (Metaphorical) Crime scene at GIA • The Jersey Shore of Boomer Lake • Dickey’s unit was realllly solid Scores • MBB: WV 55, Pokes 41 OSU Bullets • Here’s what you need to know about last night’s drubbing at GIA. With the loss, OSU broke a three-game winning streak over West Virginia and did it by laying bricks. The Cowboys finished 14-of-48 from the field, were outrebounded at home and lost the turnover battle. It all came down to the Cowboys’ ineptitude on offense and the Mountaineers’ strength on defense. The Cowboys played right into the Mounaineers’ hands. [PFB] The offense was brutal – 19 points in the first half is inexcusable. You’re playing a West Virginia team running a defense you see multiple times a year, not the 85′ Bears. Before last night’s game, I thought this team was full of shooters but not scorers – players who can create shots. I’m not sure what they are after that. It’s a long season but many more nights like that and it’ll be tough to draw a crowd. • I’ll stop talking about this…

IMO the issue with Gleeson wasn’t where he grew up. He didn’t go to Rutgers to be closer to home. He said it himself, he was happy to join Gundy to work his tail off. That is what most coaches do and when the season is over you make enough to spend your time where ever you choose. Let’s not pretend coaches spend their time with family and friends during the season. I don’t even call my HS coach friends before or during the season. This is about Gleeson not being happy enough at oSu, to take interviews, or oSu not being happy with Gleeson. Either is fine and that is what often happens when change occurs. I do think he is a talented coach, but his fit just wasn’t right.

Does anyone comment anymore?