Daily Bullets (July 1): Big Country Doc is Here, Gundy's Top Ten Wins

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The list of Gundy’s top ten wins, inexplicably, does not include The 2011 bedlam blowout 44-10 of our arch rival. That win earned OSU the B12 title without sharing it with Kansas St or OU. Had the Sooners won, they probably would have gotten the bid to the BCS to play Stanford. For me the this win is the greatest win in OSU history. Without it, we lose to OU, they can claim a share of the title, they play Stanford and we are still little brother.

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I came here to post the same. It was his first win over OU and won the conference title. It is number one for sure and inexplicable it wasn’t even in the top 10. It was bigger than the actual fiesta bowl win and all others

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Actually we STILL are little brother. Since then OU has won 5 conference titles while OSU has zero!!!

Sports, shmorts - thanks for the heads-up on the Turnpike Troubadors!!

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But we weren’t little brother in 2011. We bucked the norm and throttled the Sooners like they have to us for so many seasons.

  1. Bedlam 2011
  2. Fiesta Bowl 2012
  3. Missouri 2008
  4. Texas A&M 2011
  5. Bedlam 2014