Daily Bullets (July 24): OSU's Mt. Rushmore of QBs, Guess Which OSU/Edmond Linebacker This Is

Preacher Bob?

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Karl Marx begs to differ. PFB was built upon the backs of profiting off of young black athletes like Atrell Woods and Damian Davis. Now they drink 2014 Penfolds Grange with the .001% at Vaquero. Poor Atrell is still playing Sonic the hedgehog for crying out loud!

I think they’re more whiskey drinkers.

Ohhhhj of course probably right out of the bottle. So Tooooxxxxiiiiiccc and masculine

I.W. Harper is pretty yum

How do we know Alfred Williams is speaking the truth?

We don’t? You asked this:

What we know is not true is that it took him 30 years to say something.

Was he a friend of Epstein and Maxwell?

Yet he forgot about for these many years and now he wants to make a huge issue about it for his 15 minutes of fame on national television. Why are you always making excuses for other people Brent?

Why are you always making typos Joe?

Why are you always trolling people that try to bring logic and reason to the equation?

I’m not making excuses. I’m stating the actual facts. He brought it up at the time, my understanding is that he has brought it up from time to time since then, and he told the same story he always has when asked about it recently. What exactly are you expecting? That he signs off the radio show he’s had for 15 years with “Mike Gundy called me the N-word?”

@ScottCorken hasn’t even responded to me in this thread.

The key word in here is RECENTLY. He found an opportunity to exploit it and throw Gundy under the bus. The fact that he can’t get over something that happened over 30 years ago shows how much he’s matured since then.

You’ve moved those goal posts to a whole different stadium.

YOU are bringing logic and reason to the equation?! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’ve been more reasonable about the situation than most of you. You don’t have any kind of reasonable or logical response to anything. That is why you’re always going on the attack against anyone that may disagree. Easier to call people names and go after them for the small things. Then it’s people such as yourself that flag a post you don’t like.

We seen this very response from Chuba. More than likely he had people trying to debate him on Twitter (One reason he shut down his account). Then in a typical leftist fashion he shut it down to avoid any kind of reasonable or logical debate with anyone that may have been more knowledgeable on the subject. Calling it a “ground for hate” when he was ultimately the one that helped create that “ground for hate” that he claims it had become.

We’ve seen or we saw.

And if you’ve seen Chuba’s mentions, yeah it’s a ground for hate. When people are calling you racial slurs every two or three replies, it wears on you. All he did was stand up for something he believed in and he gets called the n word and destroyed by the same people who love watching him run for touchdowns. It’s not “leftist fashion” either. He’s probably done more for what he believes in than you have and I’m guessing he’s half your age.

So he didn’t go to osu…based off that response

All we are trying to do is destroy this country and rebuild it in our liking. The Kyles are trying to do the same for OSU.

What’s the big deal???

I’m not saying that anyone didn’t say anything racially inappropriate to him. I’m also saying that people probably questioned him and brought forth a debate. Nothing wrong with doing that at all. So if you truly believe in something then give the reasoning and logic for what you believe. He of all people should know how closely monitored his social media is given his celebrity status in college sports. So adversity and disagreement is to be expected. Did he think that everyone should just agree with him? How can you question me when you don’t know me? I did two tours overseas and spent three years away from my family for what I believed. I’m in no way trying to brag about it. I’m just making the point that I’ve more than likely done my part in what I believe in.