Daily Bullets (July 24): OSU's Mt. Rushmore of QBs, Guess Which OSU/Edmond Linebacker This Is

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Bob Finamore should be here: National champion qb, played all three phases of the game, and first team all nickname

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I agree. Have Kyle get Gundy fired today.

Again. The PFB staff lacks diversity. Its all male and all white.

What do we want? Diversity! When do we want it? Now!
What do we want? Diversity! When do we want it? Now!

I support you Michael even though they silent my voice on this Blog. I wonder if the sponsors of this site know about Mt. Rushmore article.

No love for Rusty Hilger.

Hilger played college football at Oklahoma State University, and is regarded as one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in Oklahoma State history. As a Sophomore in 1981, Hilger guided the Cowboys to its first post-season bowl since 1976 against Texas A&M in the Independence bowl. In 1982, Hilger suffered a shoulder injury prior to the start of season earning him a redshirt as the Cowboys fell to a 4-5-2 record. Returning to the starting lineup in 1983, the Cowboys finished 8-4 and Hilger was recognized as the Most Valuable Player in the 1983 Bluebonnet Bowl. In 1984, Hilger and the OSU Cowboys would change the course of Oklahoma State football. The Cowboys opened the season with a 45-3 victory over top ranked Arizona State University, earning Hilger Big-8 “Player of the Week” honors. The Cowboys only losses came on the road against #1 ranked Nebraska and #2 ranked Oklahoma to finish with a 10-2 record, the best finish and highest ranking (#6) in school history. The Cowboys final come-from-behind touchdown drive in the Gator Bowl against the University of South Carolina remains as one of the most memorable moments in Cowboy football history.


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OSU finished 12-1 and #3 in 2011

I can’t guarantee spelling error free messages before coffee. Thanks for the correction, I appreciate it

Why did it take Sam Mayes over 15 years to say something? Why did it take Alford Williams over 30 years to say something?

I would add Bobby Reid to my Mount Rushmore of Quarterbacks.

My Mount Rushmore of OSU Quarterbacks:

  1. Bobby Reid
  2. BJ Tiger
  3. Aso Pogi
  4. Tony Lindsay
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Alfred Williams said something that day. It was a thing at the time.

Nobody is silencing your voice brother.

Please don’t call me brother that’s gendering me! Brox, Sie, or Comrade is my preferred source name. Does hanging out with the .001% on the elites golf courses and country clubs ever make you sad?

I literally laughed out loud at this. Why are you such an angry little thing?

Alford Williams said something the next day. There is an article from that week where Gundy was even asked about it. Mayes has said the story several times but never disclosed the name of the coach until all this came out. Didn’t think he’d be believed. Not saying either claim is true or not, but they both did say something before now

Gundy should be own ever player and coach list, if u dnt think so ur nuts. But we’ve had a lot of good qb dnt know who bj tiger is but nice list but no where near top five. Nice to see porter getting rode. Cu football were bunch of thugs. Simmons, coached cu that yr. Why would a black coach hired Gundy a racists. One game out of over 300 400 Gundy has been in. Meyes how many times did Gundy say Willie white to a player. Which is the lil girl (meyes)crying about black orass .other then that these replys r the most racist one I’ve seen. Remember ur history before u stick ur foot out.

I’m angry because the staff of PFB is all white men - no diversity.

I’m little because my dad was a hobbit.

Go ahead and make more toxic masculinity jokes you angry redneck

I think this is the root of it all.

I think it’s also something about the other Kyle’ being successful…