Daily Bullets (July 4): Most Viewed of the Week, Gundy Secures His Spot, Hire Sean, Life with OSU, OU, and TU in the Same Conference?

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KB working on a story why listening to Joe Rogan and Sam Harris podcasts is a problem.

Answer to “the one question”, yes. Because having a defined purpose, and a clear goal for self improvement, is more important. Also, I wouldn’t want to end a career on what could be perceived as a sour note. I think this is some of why Gundy offered up the paycut and contract restructuring, it will be a constant reminder that he didn’t live up to the ideals he teaches.

“• If you were Mike Gundy with tens of millions of dollars, would it be worth it to you to come back and work through the challenges of the job?”

Of course. I wouldn’t want to go out as a failure and be known forever that way. It’s not just about money. It’s more about the legacy and the satisfaction of a job really well done. I’d much rather be eventually known as the Henry Iba of OSU football than, say, Les Miles who chased money and fame, and ended up getting fired at LSU and pathetically using Kansas to rehab my legacy.