Daily Bullets (July 7): 2020(ish) Cowboy Football - Unstoppable or Flawed?

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Why do you assume Harvard has more “insight” than the people that run schools everywhere else in the country? The demographics of Cambridge are different than say Stillwater or Norman. Harvard people are as flawed as Oklahoma State people. They have the same opportunities for missteps and mistakes just like everyone else. Also, they will be charging full tuition for their online only semester. As an example of Harvard’s top notch insight, if you will, https://www.forbes.com/sites/christopherrim/2019/10/04/harvard-admissions-will-never-be-fair/#665b7b5f68b8

Pat Jones went off big time on the radio yesterday about the issue with relationships with past players. Said that is largely the responsibility of the A.D., not Gundy. Said that if there is a shortcoming in that area of the program, which he says has always been the case, even when he was a coach, it rests on the shoulders of the AD. Said that they try to balance everything among all sports, which is good, but means that we don’t give as much attention to the football alumni as some of the bigger programs do. Also said that if they want better relationships with the alumni, then it would be up to the AD to make that change.

I am not a Gundy hater but I would like to make a point that they weren’t recruited by or played with holder . Gundy didn’t recruit all our alumni of course but he is more visible than holder .
I like PJ for the most part and this is an interesting take from him . Makes you think .

they alumni events and correspondance are done by the AD though. I’m not really taking a side in this, just stating what Jones said

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I totally get that . I’m sure not every university/AD runs things the same way .

It’s been told when holder was a coach he didn’t like when one day an athlete wore a football shirt. Asking him how many football championships they have versus golf championships . I wonder if holder is just tired of Gundy and doesn’t feel he wants to put more effort into football related ventures than he already does.
Kyle has his direct line I wonder if he’d ask him ?

I’m going to agree with Pat on this subject. Holder has an ego as big as Gundy , I think that has been the power struggle between the two. Gundy needs to be more in touch with Thurmond and Berry, and anyone else that wants to help us. No matter how busy you are, you can pick a phone up and call. No one is that busy… thee guys could help with recruiting too. I have no idea how long Gundy will be here… but the power struggle has to stop. Holder is jam up when it comes to getting new facilities

That’s an interesting take Michael. Gundy and Holder don’t get along because they are so alike . I’ll have to chew on that for awhile .

Maybe I’m wrong , that’s just my take on it. Holder comes out publicly wanting Gundy to recruit better, which I think he should. Holder didn’t have any problem getting the top flight golfers , football is a different animal having to go against the blue bloods. He certainly won more championships than Gundy, …, I wish Gundy could just win more Big 12 championships… Gundy doesn’t put enough energy on recruiting

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I can kind of see the similarities in them that would make it hard for them to get along .

I think Gundy got tired of getting burned by recruits and then also getting burned by some of his players that he thought were good to go too. Chris Collins case tears me apart to read about . Things like that have got to take the wind out of your sails. Getting screwed over in 2011 … the list goes on .

At some point do you just settle for being the guy that laid the foundation for OSU to build off of with winning seasons, bowl eligibility year in and year out as well as the occasional (hoping for another one or two) B12 championship ?

I don’t think Gundy has put the effort out to close the deal on recruits leaning our way. Maybe with him going to be more hands on with his players it will change. He can coach no doubt, it’s the lack of passion dura game that bothers me. I can see it eventually burning you out. Maybe that’s why so many don’t last longer than 15 years. Let’s hope he ups his game too I think he can still get it done but he’s running out of time