Daily Bullets (July 8): What If Mahomes-to-Stillwater?

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The little video with the Nebraska and Texas guys is part of a series called “SEC Shorts.” I found them on You Tube about 18 months ago. Check out their channel-- SEC Shorts. Its worth your time.
It’s all about the SEC, of course, but they take some shots at Texas and the land thieves in some of their videos. It’s good for a laugh or two.

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Mahomeskillet’s gonna beat out Mason now? We never lost to him, he had some good games but we aren’t even on this list nor the honorable mention: https://www.vivathematadors.com/2017/1/11/14198084/patrick-mahomes-top-five-games-at-texas-tech-2014-2015-2016-baylor-texas-lsu-tcu-arkansas

Not to say it’s all on the QB but we were fine w/ Rudolph, that wasn’t the problem. Very similar completion percentages but Mahomey had more picks every year.