Daily Bullets (June 1): Eddie Stories, Chuba Sets a Date(?)

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now! Is it really June? Losing the sports markers for seasons (fall = football, summer = NBA playoffs, Masters = spring, etc.) has me thrown. OSU Bullets • Loads of great Eddie Sutton nuggets in this Tramel piece – the Harry Birdwell comments at the end will hit you right in the feels • Chuba Hubbard set a date on Twitter for some sort of announcement he’ll be making – here were two responses that I liked (also – I have no idea how much credibility they have): First, he’s starting a non-profit. Hubbard is launching a nonprofit organization — Your Life, Your Choice — to support children who grew up in circumstances like his own. — OSU_cara (@CaraOsu) May 30, 2020 No idea where this was pulled from but I’ve heard the same narrative – eligibility stems from other causes. Everyone calm down. Chuba could have left for the draft but chose to stay because he felt this season could be something special. Not everything in these young men’s lives are about football. Also… pic.twitter.com/gyYWlfO7Tj — Bradley Dyer (@BradDyer1)…

I think Chuba’s birthday is the 11th. So maybe he’s announcing he’s turning 21? Would be pretty funny if the whole thing was just a long troll.

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He’s going to go out drinking and break team rules, get suspended for Oregon state . YLYC


Isn’t June 11 the first day of practices? I see it just as hype for getting things going in Stillwater. I don’t read this as an announcement or pending announcement.