Daily Bullets (June 11): Big Time Twins Commit to Kasey Dunn, Join Two Other Commits From Yesterday

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now! Happy birthday to my kid sister-turned-woman – I’m so proud that you’ll be at OSU this fall and finished up your associates, have a great day! OSU Bullets • Pumped to see the shoe finally dropped on the twin receivers for Allen, Texas yesterday who committed to the Pokes. If you’re interested – here’s how they compare to a few twins from the DFW-area a few years back (Tylan Wallace and Tracin Wallace vs. Bryson Green and Blaine Green): To speak candidly, Bryson is more like Tylan – the four-star that’s received more press than his twin. While Bryson is more highly ranked (top-250 player), the gap between he and his twin brother Blaine is much smaller (.9082 vs. .8895) than Tylan was ahead of his twin brother Tracin (.9442 vs. .8570). Also – quick update on the multi-sport tally – now the number is at nine of ten commits that play other sports as well. Make that 9 of 10 commits who are multi-sport. — Adam Lunt (@AdamLunt817) June 10, 2020 •…And yesterday’s rush on commitments for the…

Why is OSU punished? The other day I read how the rules are stated which said essentially that if you hired someone who violated the rules then the school is also held responsible for that. So I don’t see how there is much possibility of winning an appeal. I also read that the NCAA is standing by their matrix. I want to see if they adhere strictly to the matrix when it comes to 5 level one infractions against Kansas U. I think that was one of Mike Holder’s points. The bigger problem, of course, is that Cade has not confirmed his commitment. The only reason to not do that by now is because he is probably considering his options. Considering options is the opposite of a commitment. I think it’s time to sell him on the fact of no need to play post season games in order to market your talent to the NBA. They will have evaluated you already during the regular season. And if your most important desire is to play in the NCAA tournament then simply return to OSU for a second season. A coach should keep in mind what is best for the team. So turn on the salesmanship. And after that if the player wants to go elsewhere, then that is the time to support him 100%. But support the team concept first.