Daily Bullets (June 13): BPS is Underrated, OSU's NIL Collective Benefitting Athletes and Nonprofits

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I read a couple of articles and got confused.

It was not they underrated bps but the fans.

A 17 year old girl going early is really not a big deal.
I like how she thought it was a football deal. I know a couple gave done it but have any played at 17.
Basketball and baseball draft 18 year olds so a 17 playing softball its that over the top. Also, girls mature faster, rite. This is not about her just the writer making a weird look at it. I hope she does great here. She being on a team of 17 and 16 years when she was 10 is probably a bigger deal.

So what is up with the comments section? Now the comments are available on the bullets? I’m lost here…

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Its come and go i think. Hit or miss