Daily Bullets (June 26): It's Oklahoma State Week on ESPN

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After watching Finding Big country, I understand why WB shoes never took off

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Steven, as a new dad, I appreciated the link to the new bottle making machine. I would like to mention that we got the “Baby Brezza”, which is a very similar product but uses powder. My wife and I have loved using it so far. I have a few things to note on the product from the article.

  1. After a bottle is made, you’ll still have to wait for the solution to settle, so a wait of a few minutes is inevitable regardless of who/what is making the bottle. However, to each parent their own on how long that wait is.
  2. This new thing only uses liquid pouches of formula? As I am sure you know, there are so many different kinds/brands/types within brands of formula out there that there is no way this random startup has enough exposure to have all those companies develop the pouches that will be required for her machine. Hopefully there are many babies out there that can use the generic formula that will be provided. That said, I hope she does get some support there, as it would be a wonderful thing for new parents.
  3. That “plug in the new liquid pouch every 24 hours” is b/c formula goes bad after opening it. Powder reservoir for the win as it lasts as long as you need it too in a closed system like the machine we have. The concern for moisture infiltration and clumping is valid, but if you leave the lid closed, that shouldn’t be much of an issue. It’s pretty humid where we live and we have never had an issue with that.
  4. I wonder if the base of this new machine raises enough to have shorter bottle be closer to the dispenser so it doesn’t make a mess while pouring.
  5. On a personal note, rose gold…? Hope she has other color options.

Which way does the NCAA break when it comes to the possibility of the best player from the US and the best from Canada sitting at home in March because of the selfish actions of a crooked assistant neither of them ever met?

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Check out the Baby Brezza: https://babybrezza.com/products/formula-pro-advanced

This was a life saver for my wife and I when our twins were on bottles.

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