Daily Bullets (June 27): Most Viewed of the Week, Bedlam's Surprise Connotation, OK AG Gets After the NCAA

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I’m sad to see Oregon’s game name get hijacked. The term civil war has nothing to with the civil war. Who wrote this article need history lesson too. Bedlam has nothing to do with racism. But, could be used to describe this site.

One thing about trump being elected, it show what the media believes. I dnt know if writer’s are poorly educated, or the do believe in unicorns. Just remember there has been plenty ( not enough) of reports fired since 2016.

Steven wasn’t implying that Bedlam had to do with racism, but it’s association with mental hospitals might make it subject to reappraisals. The world’s largest outdoor cocktail party name was officially done away with because of its association with alcohol abuse.

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Why wouldn’t Oklahoma State still be a top 25 program without Gundy??? That would be my question. I’ve always been of the mindset that, contrary to popular opinion, Mike Gundy is not the best coach in school history. Sure, by number of wins he is. But i believe that’s more a indicator of good timing. In other words, is Mike Gundy a genius or would any competent coach hired after T. Boone Pickens changed the program have achieved improved win %??? Maybe better??? Mike Gundy is not bigger than the program. Not even close.

It start as chaos at wrestle match. Yes another liberal carp. The act of chaos in an insane way,is not meaning ur Insane to be an ou or osu fan.common sense does not apply when liberals smell blood.

Just in the since 2000 3 big 12 schools have fired winning coach’s. None have even come close to what they had. Many of losing season. I know u need help , tech ku and Nebraska. Nebraska was in big 12. Not say we can’t win since Stanley we have only 1 losing coach by over all record. But never had Gundy record.

T B thought his money would bye a high profile coach. Do want the cowboy way or thugs. That will led to Miami or cu. I’m completely happy winning with 3 stars, and wonder way Texas lose to us.

The facilities helped for sure, but Gundy definitely deserves a good amount of credit as well. Texas has had a number of coaches that did great at other programs not pan out for them, even with better name recognition and good facilities. It isn’t an all or nothing situation. The two sides came together for a great fit and timing, but neither by themselves would’ve been enough to bring our program to this level.


What two side the media( porter) vs Gundy. The problem is there is no problem. Some wants national champ in Stillwater r on drugs since Gundy been here ou got one. Grow up ku has had more chances in bb
had one.ku has 2 out 5 all America and could win in bb. Go fire gundy see what u get. I dnt care. Osu bb Coach I like but how many coach’s spot can he give to recruit, and be nice if he had a winning season. I’m serious I gave him a yr. Because he kick the players. But, we still lost games in the 2nd half. No body really had any growth. There hype n there us hype.

Can someone use Google translation into English so I can understand what this post is saying?


The two sides I was referring to were coaching and facilities. The conversation didn’t have anything to do with media until you took out there. You said that any coach could have done what Gundy did but that hasn’t been the case at other schools that had similar facilities so just was telling you that you were wrong. It was a combination of both the facilities and coaching. Both deserve credit because we wouldn’t have been successful unless we had both parts

It seems our old comment section friend Robert Kennedy is back…

Let’s find out for sure:

Recruiting stars and rankings are infallible.