Daily Bullets (June 29): OSU's New Voice, Hypothetical Interim Replacement?

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Wow first off u do not fire a winning coach. What if Gundy wins a nc. What will come out of ur mouths. Dunn hasn’t. Even been a coordinator, I know it fits ur agenda. This is the best coaching staff and deepest team osu has ever had overall. Two things for a nc . 1 healthy yes I know. 2nd quarterback play. Can the defence stop long 3rd down plays. Can Sanders read 2nd or even better 3rd option. I like Dunn hope brings back comeback passes and te plays. No one in the big 12 has won a nc since Gundy been hc. And, really 2011 is the closest for the league. I know people r say I g shut up and play. Well, I would to say shut up to donors and writers on this site. Just because u have had peeps agree with u r they osu fans.

I like Bouyton came got rid of bad people. But, last yr. Was still the same poor rotation causing fouls and wide up 3’s. So until coach a winning team lets slow up on the new voice. I dnt like recruiters ford, Williams at my, Self. They have all the players but leave u dry in the mouth. Like I said I like Bouyton but not yet a voice.

Speaking of ou, two coach’s that projected the best( Johnson n Jones) were 0 14 1. 2 coach’s that hurt us more then helped( miles n Simmons) were 5 n 9. Which of those coach u want back. There have been a ton of disappointments osu fb . But never, 13 yrs of non losing. Go look at other programs just in our league( including the 4 who left) firing or pushing out winning coachs doesn’t pay off.