Daily Bullets (June 9): OSU Adds a Righty, Does OSU Have to Win Bedlam to Get to Jerry World?

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now! OSU Bullets • OSU is adding an LSU right-hander to it’s bullpen – and I may be more excited about that than adding LSU’s Dee Anderson to the football team. (Eric) Walker was a breakout star in 2017 for LSU, going 8-2 with a 3.48 ERA as the Tigers’ No. 3 starter. Only a freshman, he pitched LSU to the SEC Tournament championship game victory, allowing one run in 7 2/3 innings. He followed that up with eight shutout innings against Rice in the NCAA Regional tournament. But in a start against Oregon State in the College World Series, he suffered an arm injury that required Tommy John Surgery. [NewsOK] He sat out in 2018 and had a decent season in 2019 but this is the kind of experience you love to add. • Five things to know about OSU’s appeal to the NCAA • What stands between OSU and the Big 12 championship game this year? Bedlam Yes, Oklahoma State needs to win Bedlam. Mike Gundy is 2-13 against Oklahoma. This year he gets OU earlier in the…

I just don’t get the Ehlinger Heisman hype. Even when he’s not in concussion protocol his ceiling has always been a good but not great college level qb.

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Same with Rattler though. Freshman with better odds than the top RB from the last season? Come on man! This became the QB award years ago and it’s utter BS.

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I think a lot of his is just recency bias. they’ve had 2 recent heisman winners and a third in the running so he gets the benefit of the doubt that he’ll be good just because every other qb they’ve had under Riley has been.

The premise that OSU has to win Bedlam to reach the B12 title is overstated. The truth is OSU probably has to beat EITHER OU OR Texas to reach that game. Lose to both and you lose both tiebreakers, win one OSU is probably in.

I’m not convinced Rattler will even start. He’s only 185 pounds. Mordecai is 210. Weight isn’t everything but let’s see how many sacks/hits he can take.

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It’s always that one pesky loss to a team they should beat that costs OSU a title shot in Dec.

Rattler is listed at 198 now, but still relevant