Daily Bullets (Mar. 10): OSU's Viewership Size, Big 12 Payouts vs. Pac-12 Payouts

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Enjoy reading what Gundy had to say after day one of spring ball. Spoiler: the new quarterback doesn’t talk much. Bullets Rundown • OSU’s viewership size • Big 12 payouts in context • Spring ball q’s OSU Bullets • In a fascinating article looking at Big 12 expansion chatter, seeing OSU’s viewership in context was enlightening. While OSU’s non-OSU Texas viewership is down the list (fifth-place behind OU, Texas, Baylor, and West Virginia), people love to watch the Pokes big game hunt making that average number rise to third place. • As some realignment chatter popped up last week – here are the relevant numbers to know: The Big 12 is hanging in there with a potential $40 million-per-school payout coming as soon as fiscal year 2019, compared to a reported $45 million for SEC schools and $55 million for the Big Ten. The Pac-12’s 2019 distribution should come in at $33 million, according to the San Jose Mercury News. [TulsaWorld] It drives me nuts when the above quotes aren’t compared appropriately – the Big Ten, SEC, and Pac-12 numbers all include the third-tier rights payout from conference networks while the Big 12’s number doesn’t. Texas gets to $50m with…

Our payout number includes our 3rd tier rights now doesn’t it?

No I believe OSU provide content for ESPN+ just to be nice. Seriously, I think because OSU has to produce the content themselves, it is a net loss.

None of the payout numbers to date have included it. Not sure about when the new number is released this summer. Maybe so because of the ESPN+ deal. But then there would be the Texas/OU caveat. It’s all so messy. Point is: Big 12 is legit hanging with SEC/Big Ten (for now).

The OU/Texas caveat doesn’t help us much. The fact that 8/10 schools had to basically give away their 3rd tier rights for free to get ESPN to air 3 conference championship games for 40 million leads me to believe we were not getting much for our 3rd tier rights. I realize this is a longer play, but it’s still disheartening to think that 1/10 of 40 million over 6 years is a stronger play than retaining our 3rd tier rights.

I agree! The third tier rights were always nebulous, which was presumed to be a good thing. But like having a late first round pick in the NBA Draft, I think for schools like OSU and Kansas State it always sounded better than what the reality ended up being.