Daily Bullets (Mar. 13): Boynton's Plan for Extra Eligibility, Coronavirus Updates

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Best explanation I’ve seen for the radical precautions being taken to spread Covid-19. Bullets Rundown • Pokes + ____ have the best chance to survive if Big 12 failed • Boynton’s plan for extra eligibility • Gundy, Dunn talk Dunn’s new gig OSU Bullets • Still stuck on realignment – given OSU’s viewership numbers (read the piece if you haven’t), the Pokes and another Big 12 peer stand the best chance of survival if the league breaks up. You can tell from the numbers above that West Virginia and Oklahoma State are actually two of the stronger “also ran” programs of the Big 12. It’s a state of only 1.8 million people but it’s a fixture in Appalachia and a draw within that region. Oklahoma State has a long history of being a part of big time football as a big public school so they not only have their own alumni base and local fans but they also are an exciting opponent for Texas and Oklahoma. [Concerning Sports] • Love Mike Boynton’s take here on bonus eligibility: Oklahoma State coach Mike Boynton: “Seniors, if they want, should have another year. Special permission on scholarship numbers for an unprecedented circumstance. Next…

Gundy said. “The fit was good. I’m very comfortable with the system we’re going to run, which is our plays. We don’t really change much.

Could this be why he has only beaten OU twice and won the conference once in 15 years? I’m not saying he needs a total overhaul but not being unpredictable might help. If he thinks because he has a good running back that he can line his 3* lineman up against 4* and 5* lineman and run it down their throats … Well that’s why I think he’ll be 3rd or 4th in the conference.

Boynton’s plan for extra eligibility is basically what we all want for this year. Just pretend 2020 never happened. :joy: